33kv transformer porcelain bushing insulator

Quick DetailsPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)                        Brand Name: XINCHENGProduct name: porcelain bushing for transformerModel Number: ANSI, IEC, BS, AS and GB      

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Quick Details
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                        Brand Name: XINCHENG
Product name: porcelain bushing for transformer
Model Number: ANSI, IEC, BS, AS and GB                Tensile Strength: 500KN-1000KN
Type: Insulator/ transformer accessory/Insulator, Insulation Sleeving
Material: Electrical porcelain (High frequency porcelain)       Rated current: As The Product
Creepage distance: As The Product or customized             Color: White or Brown or Grey or customized
Certification: ISO9001,ISO1400, XIHARI,TUV              Standard: IEC60137/ANSI/AS/GB/BS
Usage: Porcelain Bushing Insulation Protection, transformer    OEM production: Accept
Application: Low/High Voltage                           Sample: Free available
Size: DT630.DT1000,DT2000,DT3150,10NF250;20NF250,30NF250,or according to the drawings Product can be Customized
Rated Voltage: 11kV ~ 550kV as product                   Ambient temperature:-50°C~+50°C;
Standard: DIN standard, EN Standard, ANSI, IEC, BS, AS and GB standard        
Direction for use
The transformer bushing is to lead the high and low voltage leads inside the transformer to the outside of the oil tank, not only
as the lead to ground insulation, but also plays a role of fixing the lead.
Porcelain insulators acc.to  ANSI standard under 110KV with gray and customer standards are produced with cylindrical, conical or straight inner and out appearance up to a maximum length of 2800mm in one piece, with the color of gray and brown glaze. These insulator are produced to withstand high mechanical forces such as inner pressure and cantilever. The design of these insulators is tailor-made to customer requirements.
These bushings are also able to withstand different elements like rain, excessive sunlight, moisture and also adhere to international quality standards. Here, our expertise lies in making these transformer bushings available with single as well as solid aluminum alloy conductor.
Spool, bushing insulators for transformer(threading series, spring slot, insert series), capacitor, arrester, fuse outcut etc.
Porcelain Transformer bushing/Insulator
  The transformer bushing is the main insulation device outside the transformer box. The lead wires of the transformer winding must pass through the insulating bushing to insulate the lead wires  between the lead wires and the transformer casing. At the same time it play the role of fixing the lead wires. Due to different voltage levels, the insulating bushings are available in pure porcelain bushings, oil-filled bushings and capacitor bushings. Pure porcelain bushings are mostly used for transformers of 10kV and below. It wears a conductive copper rod in the porcelain bushing and the air insulation in the porcelain bushing; oil-filled bushings are mostly used in 35kV transformers, which are filled with oil in porcelain bushings , A conductive copper rod is worn inside the porcelain bushing, and the copper rod is covered with insulating paper; the capacitive bushing is used for high-voltage transformers above 100kV, consisting of the main insulating capacitor core, external insulation upper and lower porcelain pieces, connecting sleeve, oil pillow , Spring assembly, base, pressure ball, measuring terminal, wiring terminal, rubber gasket, insulating oil, etc.
Bushing insulator is used between the transformer rectifier and the discharge electrode suspension of an ESP for leading high voltage into the electric filed, functioning as insulating and supporting of the bus rod. By its own structure it is divided into two types: pure ceramic insulator and combined insulator.
A combined insulator consists of the ceramic body and metal fittings which are cemented together with binder that can withstand high temperature. The cementing faces on a ceramic insulator body are knurling or sanding treated, and a high temperature withstanding elastic layer is interposed between the ceramic body end and metal fittings, and a buffer is also applied between them to prevent from loosening.
No metal fittings for pure ceramic insulator type.
The insulator is glazed white or brown on the ceramic part surface, and the metal fittings are applied with anti-rusting paint for the combined insulator type.
The ceramic bushing insulator conforms to the Chinese standards of GB/T772-2005 'Technical specifications for high-voltage insulator' and JB/T6746.(1-4)-1993 'ceramic insulator used in electrostatic precipitator', and the IEC series standard is also followed.
The transformer sleeve is the main insulating device outside the transformer box. The lead wire of the transformer winding must pass through the insulating sleeve to insulate the lead wire between the lead wire and the lead wire between the transformer shell, and to fix the lead wire at the same time.Due to different voltage levels, the insulation sleeve has pure porcelain sleeves, oil-filled sleeves and capacitive sleeves.Pure porcelain bushing is mostly used for transformers of 10kV and below. It is to wear a conductive copper rod in the porcelain bushing, and the inside of the porcelain bushing is air insulated.The oil-filled bushing is mainly used in the 35kV class transformer. It is oil-filled in the porcelain bushing. A conductive copper pole is worn in the porcelain bushing.Capacitive bushing is composed of main insulating capacitor core, outer insulating upper and lower porcelain parts, connecting sleeve, oil pillow, spring assembly, base, equalizing ball, measuring terminal, wiring terminal, rubber washer, insulating oil, etc.It is used in high voltage transformers above 100kV.
Transformer internal cited the high voltage and low voltage leads to a tank outside the insulating sleeve, not only as a lead-to-ground insulation, and bears a fixed lead, transformer bushing is one of the transformer current-carrying components, in the transformer operate current for a long time, when transformer external short-circuit occurs that the short-circuit current is pass .
   Therefore, the transformer has the following requirements:
(1) must have the required electrical strength and mechanical strength.
(2) must have good thermal stability and can withstand short circuit instantaneous overheating.
(3) small size, quality, good sealing performance, versatility and ease of maintenance.
Structure: wiring boards, porcelain, conductive rod and aluminum or copper flange.
The main insulation porcelain sets and oil-gap, non-breakdown, maintenance-free components.
We can supply high and low voltage porcelain bushing insulator according to ANSI, IEC, BS, AS and GB standard, or customer's special requirement. We can offer the gray, brown, sky blue and white glazing product. We can offer the insulator with semi-conduct glaze and semi-conduct painting. 
1).Can be manufactured according to GB and IEC,others such as ANSI, BS, AS, JIS , DIN ,etc.
2).Appearance is sparkling,and glittering ,fell smooth and flat
3).The mechanical and electrical performace is reliable
4).The colour of glaze have brown,white,gray,milky white,sky blue,sea blue,sapphire blue,semi-conduct etc.
5).It can be produced accurately according to the customer's special requirement
We can supply dry condenser type composite or porcelain transformer bushing.  the advantage of dry type bushing are as follows:
1. oil free, gas-free, no filling, maintenance free
2. Large insulation margin for the design and semiconductor capacitance screen, which raise discharge inception voltage to the maximum extent, with no partial discharge in operation
3. Heat resisting and fire-retardant insulating material, with no decomposition, stable electric property, and no danger of combustion or explosion
4. compact structure, small volume, light weight.
5. reinforced winding of fiberglass and optimized mechanical laydown design, high bend strength.
6. short processing cycle, customized according to customer requirement
7. silicon composite shell has good antifouling property, self-cleaning without sweeping and applicalbe in heavy polluted areas
8. long service life and lower running cost.
Main Products:
1.Current transformer used in GIS and GCB
2.Epoxy casting current transformer
3.Current transformer used in transformer
4.46kv and below voltage transformer bushing with low pd
5.Oil impregnaged paper condenser bushing of 40.5 above voltage
6.Epoxy impregnated condenser bushing of 40.5 above voltage
7.GIS bushing
8.Dry equi-potentil porcelain post insulator and porcelain house
9.Copper and aluminum casting and fabrication
10.Disconnector for neutral spot of transformer,arc horn,and zero sequence CT
11.Set of high-voltage test equipment,filter in partial discharge testing
12.40-300KN disc suspension insulators
13.11-145KV line post insulators
14.11-550KV station post insulators
15.11-275KV hollow insulator
GB standard
1KV/300A-400A-600A          1KV/800A-1000A-1200A           1KV/1600A-2000A-3150A
1KV/4000A-5000A-6000A       10KV/50A-275A                  20KV/50A-275A
20KV/50A-600A               10KV/300A-400A-600A            20KV/300A-400A-600A
20KV/300A-400A-600A         20KV/300A-400A-600A            10KV/800A-1000A-1200A-2000A
DIN standard
1KV/250A-630A                   3KV/250A-630A                        1KV/1000A-2000A-3150A
3KV/1000A-2000A-3150A           3KV/6500A                             12KV-24KV-36KV/250A
12KV-24KV-36KV/630A            12KV-24KV-36KV/1000A-2000A-3150A
 Working condition and performance:
Ambient temperature:-50°C~+50°C;
Altitude: not higher than 1000m for common bushings and not higher than 2500m for the reinforced and antifouling bushings;
The common type is suitable for lightly dirty place and the antifouling one for heavily dirty place;
Assembling method: vertically and horizontally and easy to install;
1. Excellent apperance and glazing, smooth at surface with very few defect.
2. Good mechanical and electrical strength.
3. Excellent heat stabiity, narrow tolerance.
Bushings are manufactured to DIN 42530, 42539, 42531, 42532, 42533, 42534.
Tank wall thickness minimum 3mm, maximum 6mm .Tank hole size tolerance is -Omm +1 mm .
Tank Hole 
Size (mm)
DT 1/250DIN 425301250---60M12
DT 1/630DIN 42530163045--75M20
DT 1/1000DIN 425301100056--75M30
DT 1/2000DIN 425301200070--75M42
DT 1/3150DIN 425301315090--75M48
DT 3/250DIN 425393250394014120M12
DT 3/630DIN 425393630454014120M20
DT 3/1000DIN 4253931000564014125M30
DT 3/2000DIN 4253932000704014125M42
DT 3/3150DIN 4253933150904014125M48
DT 3/4500DIN 42539345001194014130M55
DT 3/6500DIN 42539365001194014130M75
10NF250DIN 4253112250787528305M12
10NF630DIN 4253212630907528305M20
10NF1000DIN 425331210001107528295M30
10NF2000DIN 425331220001357528295M42
10NF3150DIN 425331231501357528295M48
20NF250DIN 42531242507812550450M12
20NF630DIN 42532246309012550440M20
20NF1000DIN 4253324100011012550445M30
20NF2000DIN 4253324200013512550445M42
20NF3150DIN 4253324315013512550445M48
30NF250DIN 42531362507817070607M12
30NF630DIN 42532366309017070662M20
30NF1000DIN 4253336100011017070635M30
30NF2000DIN 4253336200013517070635M42
30NF3150DIN 4253336315013517070635M48
52/1000DIN 4253452100013525095950M30
52/2000DIN 4253452200013525095950M42
52/3150DIN 4253452315013525095950M48
Our Advantages:
1.We can provide high quality and reasonable price products with good after-sales service.
2.Our large production capacity ensure us to delivery on time.
3.Our products also has been selling to many countries and regions beside and enjoyed a good reputation in and out of China.
4.We manufacture the products according to IEC  ANSI  DIN  AS  BA or design according to the customers' requirements.
5.Welcome you to visit our webpage http://chinainsulation.en.made-in-china.com to know more about our products.
6.If you are interested in any kinds of our products, please don't hesitate to contact with us.
Specification of the transformer bushing:
DIN42531Rate Voltage(KV)Rate Current(A)
33NF250 CD132030250
DIN42532Rate Voltage(KV)Rate Current(A)
Composite insulator properties of transformer bushing:
1. Small in size and light in weight, only 1/5-1/9 of porcelain insulator of the same voltage grade, easy for transportation and installation.
2. High mechanical intensity, reliable structure, stable performance, high margin in safety operation, with guaratee provided for the route and safe operation.
3. Outstanding electrification performances, outstanding hydrophobicity and migration of the silicon rubber shed, good pollution resistance performance, strong ability in anti-pollution, applicable in heavy polluted areas without manual cleaning, detection free zero value maintenance available.
4.Acid and alkalis resistance; heat aging and electricity resistance; well sealed to ensure the internal insulation free from damping.
5. Good performance in brittleness resistance, strong quakeproof abilities, free from brittle fracture accidents.
6. Composite insulator is commutable with porcelain insulator
7.The connected to hardware may carry on free recombination according to the user need. 
Type designation         
BRDLW- (rated voltage:kV)/ (rated current:A)- (Antifouling grade)    
BR-OIP Condenser transformer bushing,OIP Condenser wall bushing represent as CR 
D-Short tail bushing,if no "D" it should be Medium-short tail bushing   
L:can install CT         
W:Antifouling type,3 means creepage distance is 25mm/kV,4 means creepage distance is 31mm/Kv
 Technical parameters
TypeRated voltage KvRated current AMain Dimensions(mm)Creepage distanceMASS KG

Q 1. What's the payment term ?  
A. We accept TT,30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L 0r L/C at sight.
 Q 2. How long is production time ?
A. Usually it will take about 3-6weeks for production.
 Q 3. Tell me the standard of package ?
A. For the small capacity, it use carton, but for big capacity, we should use strong wooden 
case for protection. or double inner packs in a master carton .
 Q 4. Could you offer Form A or C/O ?  
A. It totally not a problem. We can prepare relative documents to foreign affairs office or other 
office to apply for this certificate.
 Q 5. Would you accept to use our logo ?
A. If you have good quantity, it absolute no problem to do OEM.
 Q 6. Could you please tell us the month capacity of products ?
A. It depends on which model.
 Q 7. Does the products have good insulation and good elasticity ?
A. Yes. we used high-advanced automatic machine and dipped for strict time control. 
Q 8. What else can I do for you?
A. Our salesmen will reply your inquiry within 24 hours. We can give you any support on the 
technique & other aspects. 
 Q9.How long is your products warranty ?
A: The warranty period of our products is 24 months.
Q10.How about inspection?
A: We have the whole inspection system from raw material to end products include temperature test, strength test and so on.
Q11. What do you have for certificate?
A: Our products are passed through IEC60947and IEC60269standarded.
Q12. What is the service offered by company?
A: We have the professional engineer team which can design and develop the mold to arrive different customer requirement.
We also have the sales team to offer good service from pre-sale to after-sale.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Standard exporting wooden cases suitable for long distance transporting
1. Cartons inside, then palletized with heat shrinkable film.
2. For big size, packed with wooden case, then palletized. 
3. Or packing by request

Delivery Time:Shipped in 3-6weeks after order confirmed.
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33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer

33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer
33kv Porcelain Bushing Insulator for Transformer



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