These heavy-duty N95 masks are $0.89 each

2022-06-03 22:39:11 By : Ms. Charlene Lau

3M Personal Protective Equipment - 17.85

You know I’m pretty sure I’d still be jazzed on this deal for a 20-pack of NIOSH-approved N95 masks even if there wasn’t a pandemic going on right now. It’s the little things, ya know? 

Offering 95% filtration efficiency against most non-oil particles, these N95 face masks feature a two-strap design for comfort that won’t fog up your glasses along with an adjustable nose clip for all-day wear. 

Compatible with most hearing and eyewear protection, these masks provide the respiratory protection you need from harmful contaminants like smoke, dust, dirt, and so much more. Whether it’s in your home workshop or the supermarket, a good mask (along with a robust vaccination record) gives you a leg up on some of the earth’s unseen boogiemen. 

$17.85 gets you a 20-pack of these NIOSH-approved N95 masks for all-day protection.

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