Ask Rick: I’m selling my house. What do I need to upgrade before I list it? - Sault Ste. Marie News

2022-05-13 22:23:29 By : Ms. evelyn yu

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One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about selling your home is what would I need to fix? Most of us have to make at least a few improvements or repairs.

To find out, we spoke with Rick from Heritage Home Hardware in Sault Ste. Marie.

First off, not every home needs a touch-up, and yet some homeowners still want to do upgrades because they can raise the value of their home and increase the listing price. Thankfully, these upgrades don’t have to be massive remodelling projects or renovations. A fresh coat of paint, the addition of a few new fixtures and adding some strategic landscaping can go a long way. “Most of these upgrades can be done on your own, but our Home Installs service is here to help too,” says Rick.

Give the interior of your home a whole new look and feel with a fresh coat of paint. Bonus: it’s a really cost-effective update. Repainting your home’s exterior (or specific features) will increase its curb appeal and help give it that “wow” factor.

Make sure to sand over any areas that have suffered wear and tear over the years. Repainting or replacing trims and moulding can also make a noticeable difference.

Rick recommends using light, neutral shades on your walls. It helps potential buyers picture their own décor and furniture in the space. Natural colour palettes also look best on home exteriors.

If you don’t want to paint, at least power or pressure wash the exterior of your home. It will remove dirt and grime and give it a fresh look.

Curb appeal can help attract buyers to your home before they’ve even set foot inside, so help create a great first impression.

A new garage door makes a statement and lets buyers know they won’t have to worry about maintenance. Create a welcoming ambience by adding a few potted plants or plant hangers. Take a good look at your landscaping too, making sure to remove any debris, weeds and unruly plants.

Rick recommends pruning your shrubs, trees and bushes, and planting fresh flowers. Lastly, pay attention to your outdoor lighting. Create an inviting feeling with layers of lighting scattered throughout your garden and well-lit pathways.

Did you know that a finished basement adds more value to a home than almost any other type of upgrade? Rick recommends that you use hard flooring, such as ceramic, porcelain or stone to protect against flooding, moisture and mildew. Updating your lighting helps create a brighter, more welcoming space. Before you finish the walls and ceiling, be sure to install good insulation. If the budget allows, you might even wish to add an extra bedroom or bathroom.

4. Open up your floor plan

Newer homes come with open floor plans, so why not make your home more appealing to buyers by creating a more open floor plan? There are both aesthetic and functional benefits, plus it will help your home compete with other offerings.

Opening up the space lets in more natural light, makes smaller homes appear larger, and creates a natural flow and a more welcoming atmosphere. It also allows you install a kitchen island, a ceiling range hood and other larger appliances.

Not everyone has the budget to tackle a full kitchen reno. Thankfully this isn’t even necessary as several cost-effective kitchen refreshes have great impact and can add almost as much value.

Start by replacing any damaged or sagging pantry shelving and cabinetry. If your cabinetry is in decent shape, repaint it or re-stain the wood and swap out the knobs, pulls and handles for more modern options. Be sure to replace any outdated lighting with newer, on trend light fixtures. Finally, install a new eye-catching pullout faucet. 

There are lots of affordable ways you can spruce up a bathroom. Start by addressing any worn-in dirt and grime in your tub or shower; once that is gone, you can re-caulk the area. Rick also recommends updating your faucet and showerhead. It’s also a good idea to replace your vanity or countertop and install new bathroom lighting; this will make the space feel brand new. Finally, add some finishing touches, such as a new shower curtain and bath mat or other fashionable bathroom accessories.

Potential buyers want a hardwood floor; it’s clean, elegant, extremely durable and long-lasting and it’s one of the first things people notice upon entering your home. If time and budget allow, you’ll want to replace carpeting with hardwood flooring.

If you already have a hardwood floor but it is older and a bit worn out, consider refinishing it rather than replacing it outright.

If you are going the new installation route, you might want to consider upgrading to heated flooring in high-traffic rooms; this will add even more value.

Potential buyers are on the lookout for older windows—they’re a huge red flag—so don’t try to cut corners here. They’ll be looking for rickety frames and poor seals too, which savvy buyers know translate to higher heating and cooling costs. Rick suggests you select quality replacement home windows that are easy to install and will prevent drafts.

Modern-looking windows really boost your home’s curb appeal. That said, if you don’t have the money to do a full upgrade, just replace any windows that have visible warping and rot; you could also reseal all of your windows to eliminate drafts and cover over any dirt and grime.

Make sure to clean your windows thoroughly before buyers arrive. This helps your home look like new.

9. Add a deck or patio

Everyone is craving outdoor space and buyers want to be able to entertain outside. If you don’t currently have a deck or patio, adding one can help increase the value of your home.

If you add a backyard deck you can choose between slightly raised or fully raised, based on what best suits your home’s layout and budget. If you already have a deck, you could refresh it with a new stain and you might want to consider adding a privacy fence, deck skirt or other decking accessories.

A backyard patio is less work than a deck and will still add value to your home. If you’ve got one already, remember to replace any worn or broken stones. 

Finally, be sure to enhance your deck or patio with some great landscape or outdoor lighting.

10. Install a new front door

Believe it or not, updating your front door can transform the whole look of your home—as well as increase its value by adding curb appeal. A stylish door helps create a feeling of welcome and sets an expectation for your home’s interior. If you’re going to do an upgrade, choose a durable steel door, which offers added safety and protection. For a more contemporary look, choose a modern glass door. Hoping to make a statement? Paint your front door a bright and welcoming colour.

There is no need to renovate your entire home before listing it on the market. With a few smart updates you can create a whole new look, a welcoming atmosphere and help your home stand out from the rest.

For more information about home upgrades, visit Heritage Home Hardware or call 705-759-5101.